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Looking to learn a bit more before working with a marketing research partner? Here are a few of our latest pointers on research terminology, approaches, and what you stand to gain from their application:

Upgrade Your Feedback Tools   

These days, it seems everyone is seeking feedback. A heightened focus on feedback can certainly generate invaluable insights for Customer Relationship Management (CRM), if approached properly. In-house research efforts, in particular, are susceptible to pitfalls including low response rates, response bias, leading questions and unnecessarily cumbersome questionnaires. How scientifically reliable and valid is the data you're collecting? Give us a peak and we'll give you a quick, no-charge assessment. Want to take your feedback tool up a notch? Get in touch. Support is just a click away.


"What's a Typical Response Rate?"

Response rates describe the percent of targeted respondents who ultimately participate in your study. If you've wondered what response rate to expect, you may have Googled an answer. Chances are you found a huge range of "typical" response rates. Why so variable? Nearly every aspect of a study influences the ensuing response rate, from the audience and collection tool used to the content and tone of your invitation, your questionnaire's length, complexity and more. Ultimately, your potential respondents will weigh their perceived "work" against their own self-interest. If you need to boost response rates, work to maximize self-interest while minimizing respondent effort. Better yet, rely on your marketing research professional to boost participation. Want to learn even more? Contact Anthro Insights, Inc. today.



"Should I Hire A Big Research Firm?"

In marketing research, organization size isn't always apparent, and many times it isn't particularly important. Because MR requires great precision, the industry consists of myriad specialized firms and vendors. Even the largest global research firms regularly subcontract to niche' vendors, from sample providers and recruiting specialists to CATI survey operators and data analysts.

While Anthro Insights, Inc., may appear small, we offer the capacity to conduct complex, multi-phase and nationwide studies. We're built to be flexible, conducting in-house turn-key research when it makes sense, and operating as a "research manager" (one of those niches) in other cases. From tracking to quali-quant market segmentation, we're ready to partner. If you need someone to help define your research objectives, assemble a method, then vet and manage the best-suited team of vendors to achieve your research outcomes - that's us.

Quick-Q: What is Data Visualization? 

"Data visualization" may be the latest market research buzzword, but it can be a critical tool, too. The term refers to presenting research data via graphs, charts, info-graphics and other visual tools. Some examples include maps, cluster charts and timelines. Data visualization can help advance strong ideas more quickly, cutting through numbers to help stakeholders quickly grasp and act on important research findings. Need a little help making your data more visual? Drop us an email.  


Are Telephone Surveys Still Reliable?

It's a question we often hear, given telephone regulations and the ubiquity of cell phones. The best answer is that "it depends"--on your audience, topic and survey duration. Factors ranging from audience age to your questionnaire's complexity will impact success. That said, American consumers prefer landline survey invitations to mobile, and favor an invitation from a live operator to the highly undesirable "robocall." Sometimes, phone surveys are the best tool in a researcher's toolbox, giving us the control to gather a carefully balanced sample. Just remember: Every detail, from the introductory script to the interviewer's accent, will influence completion rates.


Stats + PR: Surveys Do Double Duty

Think marketing research is a tough-to-justify expense? In fact, research can help pay for itself by doubling as a publicity tool.  Here's how: If your organization is working to build a market or pump up issue awareness, consider conducting research on the topic or product. As part of the research, the Anthro Insights, Inc., team will include a few questions that will generate buzz-worthy findings you can disclose publicly. Now your data serves your research needs--but also can generate publicity. Even organizations with small marketing budgets can benefit from this approach, since "earned media campaigns" (press release distribution) are a very affordable means to generate media coverage. Learn more, now!


Mobile Feedback? Yes, You Can!

You know it: Nearly everyone is interacting more and more with friends and family via smartphones--that handy device that nearly never leaves our side. Smartphones can be used, either online or via SMS texting, as powerful research tools. (Watch for this use to explode among academic and medical researchers in coming years!) We can help you tap that power, building mobile-ready surveys and text feedback modules. Brief surveys can be as affordable as a few hundred dollars to implement! Get in touch to discussion the possibilities. Let's talk!


Good-bye, Gridlock. Hello, Productivity.

Drama. Divisiveness. No one wants it, and yet there it is - in offices, on committees, in boardrooms. We know from our own experiences that empathy (simply stepping into the others' viewpoint) can diffuse much of it. But did you know DiSC Training can do even more? The behavioral analysis system focuses on communication styles. Based on a Harvard psychologist's research, it trains participants to identify and better understand 16 classic behavioral styles. Understanding one's own style, along with others, can enhance interaction, reduce gridlock and increase productivity. Call, text (217.219.0323) or email to visit with our Certified DiSC Trainer about group training or individual coaching, today!