Sometimes marketing research seems a bit abstract. How can Anthro Insights, Inc., support your goals? These mini-case studies provide a snapshot of a few ways we have helped other clients…

  1. USDA National Ag Statistics Service. Conducted face-to-face and virtual focus groups with ethnically-, geographically- and crop-diverse farmers (fruit and vegetable, turkey and dairy, row crop) to test impressions of and test motivation associated with imagery, logos and graphics proposed for use in a nationwide Census of Agriculture marketing campaign.

  1. Rotary International. Conducted telephone in-depth interviews with top corporate responsibility officers at companies (Pfizer, Hilton, Hyatt, Novartis) and top fundraising staff at not-for-profits (Robert Wood Johnson Foundation; McArthur Foundation; Polk Brothers Foundation) to gauge perceptions of Rotary International, interest in partnered programs, and to understand past partnered program participation. 

  2. Illinois Farm Bureau.  Moderated face-to-face focus groups, virtual focus groups and in-depth telephone interviews with collegiate, female, farming, non-farming and insurance members (Country Financial) for the “Future of the Organization” project. Research gathered feedback on member experiences, communication tools, and organizational expectations of the statewide federation.

  3.  Decatur Electronics, Inc. Conducted telephone in-depth interviews with law enforcement officers at various sized departments to understand perceived market position, and to collect product-specific feedback including opinions on price, ease of use and product support for DEI radar guns, speed trailers and in-car video systems.

  4. Osborn + Barr. Conducted virtual focus groups with fleet managers (semi-trucks and buses), maintenance managers (semi-trucks and farm equipment) and over-the-road truck drivers to gauge perception, experience, use history and anticipated use of biodiesel fuel.

  1. United Soybean Board – On multiple occasions, conducted virtual focus groups and/or in-depth telephone interviews with soybean farmers nationwide to test reactions to print advertisements, brand concepts, taglines, logos, graphics, photographs, messaging and other campaign elements in order to gauge reception and take-away’s from said items.

Case Studies

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